Maximise your real estate business with Aerial Photography

Aerial video photography is a must for modern real estate. High tech drone footage ensures your properties stand out in a crowded market.

Tips for getting the best from aerial photography

Real estate transformed by drone photography

How better to capture a home’s appeal than with aerial video photography? State of the art drones will give your home portfolio and real estate business the best that technology has to offer. With Ultra High Def 4K images and videos, your properties will sell themselves as your clients can view, visit and tour from anywhere in the world.

Here’s a few tips to ensure your real estate gets the best from your licensed drone pilot.

1. Safety first

Make sure your drone pilot knows the business. A pilot should be AESA qualified and confident with drone regulations, which are evolving continuously. Your properties will need to be away from certain locations: airports, power plants or military bases. A qualified drone pilot will submit a flight plan ensuring that all the real estate that they film is legal and legitimate.

2. Trust and confidence

Ask to see their work both professional and personal. Do you like what is created? Can the drone pilot create the images and videos that you want? Remember this is a relatively new service so your drone pilot’s portfolio might be small but of a high quality. A confident drone pilot might offer to complimentary film one of your properties so you can see first hand the appeal. Your real estate portfolio will be enhanced with high quality videography.

3. Capturing the moment

What are the USPs of the real estate properties on your files? These need to be the focus of the work. Your licensed drone pilot should listen to your needs, suggest enhancements and create a tour of the property that sells it. Are interior images offered too? After all, you want a one stop shop for your property promotion. Virtual real estate is the future of property selling. The market just became global!

4. Aerial videography is spectacular

Drone videography is not necessarily cheap but it is well worth the investment for your real estate business . One sale easily covers the initial outlay. Properties can be viewed from across the globe. Filmed in exceptional 4K, the visuals allow the properties, its environs and neighbourhood to be brought to life from a mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart TV. Sellers will know that you are motivated to sell their property using the best that technology can offer. Buyers will want to buy. Many licensed drone pilots offer special packages depending on the level of post production required.

Why not see for yourself? Contact me here at SkyEye drones and see how I can benefit your real estate business.

Video and photography packages are well worth exploring to add this remarkable aspect to your real estate business.

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